These are the artisans and vendors who supply quality products to our table. How, where, what they are made of and in what manner they get to the consumer market are essentially their decision. The key to comprehending our place as consumers is to understand that we are ultimately in control of why producers choose one supply chain over another, and that through our buying choices what kind of compromises we allow or require in the ingredients and manner in which what we eat is composed.

Some of these producers are carrying on thousand year old traditions of delivering a quality product to the market, some are reintroducing lost traditions, some are introducing long standing family traditions to a new market, and others are creating completely new products based on their personal food system ideals.

One thing is certain. All of these people support their passion to effect change in a positive way. I cannot say it is unselfish. All of these people are “selfish” in that they do exactly what they want to do with their life everyday. That was a personally selfish choice. However, all of these people also understand their responsibility to find harmonious, sustainable and environmentally beneficial production methods, while providing the most wholesome and delicious food to our tables. What they do is their passion, and they all are happiest either producing or watching us consume their life’s work.

A producer’s principles either jive with what the consumers want, or they find another market. What kind of market do you participate in? Does that market support your principles? Does that market operate in ways that support your ideal eating habits? These producers live based on what how your market responds to you. Your voices are heard through your choices.

  • Rodrigo Duarte of Caseiro e Bom
  • Jason Story
  • Anthony Fiasche
  • Travis Pykonnen
  • Chris Gray of Norwich Farm Creamery
  • Greg Hessel
  • Sofia Solomon
  • Standard Market
  • Bob Wills
  • Jos Vulto
  • Willi Lehner
  • Uplands Farm
  • Laini Fondiller
  • Peter Dixon
  • Fading D
  • Prodigal Farm
  • Double 8 Dairy