img_8091-1Welcome to our community who believe in the healing of the world through harmony. We can appreciate our place by seeing our counterparts. As we see the sicknesses in our food systems we can apply healing in a reasonable and measured manner. We start by learning, continue through our knowledge hopefully to build a healthier and happier world. To listen is to open the doors of opportunity.

  • So, this is a cool app for finding out where your meat was made.  Literally, download this to enter the numbers found on the USDA stamp on any package of meat you buy in order to find out where it was really made.  Surprisingly, this is often not where the package says it came from.  Welcome to the world of private labelling:/

USDA MPI Directory

  • I am always trying to find out the who, what and where of Water Buffalo Dairies.  There are not a lot in America, and the ones that exist usually don’t last long.  Here’s a running list, and some status info:

Where the Buffalo Roam



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