My Apology to Cheese Mongers

This post takes a personal turn compared to what I typically blog about at  However, I thought this was the best forum to communicate my explanation for why I declined my invitation to compete in the Cheese Mongers Invitational Masters competition this weekend. I competed to be proclaimed the best cheese monger in America¹ … Continue reading My Apology to Cheese Mongers

Family Farming Farmstead

Terroir is the essence of a particular air, the water, and the soil. It is also and expression of the animals and the people that work the land. To live on a farm, as a family, removes the distinction between the farmers and their product.

Electric Watercress

"...he designed the lights in her house to... reflect her mood...I think the mood that evening was fucking awesome jungle tasting menu for four!"

A Game of Hide the Salami?

So, recently I was perusing the cured meat selection of a market with a very talented salumiere. We chatted about the merits of the products before us, and gossiped about the people who produced them, as you do. At one point, my buddy picks up a product, turns on his smartphone and types in the … Continue reading A Game of Hide the Salami?

“‘Nduja” is Not ‘Nduja

What is and what isn't this spicy spreadable salami from Calabria?

Sapore by Fading D Farm

Cheesemaker: Fading D Farm Location: Salisbury, North Carolina Farmstead?: Yes Milk Treatment: Pasteurized Animal: Water Buffalo Form: Taleggio Rind: Washed Aged at Release: 90 days Procurement: Retail at Orrman's Cheese Shop in Raleigh, NC Herd Size: 40+ Milkers: 18 Curd: Uncooked Pressed?: No

Parting Words

At the end of May 2016, I left Eataly Chicago to go back to NYC. This was my first opportunity to build a team of marketers from the ground up and introduce a large population to how I think my craft should be practiced. While at the helm, we grew from being responsible for all … Continue reading Parting Words